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This guide provides instructions and information about Stanford Web Services Jumpstart platform, based on Drupal 7.

We've released our new Stanford Sites on Drupal 8 (D8) platform — the new framework for Stanford Sites in 2020 and beyond. Check out our new User Guide to help you set up your website on the D8 platform. 

Read more about our road to D8 

Help Page

Screen shot of sample Stanford Help content

Site administrators use permissions to select who can view and edit the help page.

The Stanford Help Section is designed to create content similar to Stanford Page that serves as help and instructional information for site owners. Site Admins use permissions to select who can view and edit the help page. Access to the Help page is intended to be a limited set of users with site building and editing roles.This is designed to keep the help information available only to selected roles and away from search bots.

By default the site owner has permission to edit the existing Help page. If you need additional pages, Please contact Stanford Web Services.


Creating a help page

  1. Stanford Web Services will set-up your help page upon request. Request Help page.

Updating a help page

Searching for the help page

  1. From the Site Actions menu, select Manage Content.

  2. In the Manage Content by Type section, click the Manage Help pages link.

  3. From this page, you can find all the Help pages.  You can sort many of the columns by clicking on the header title, or search using the filters.  

Editing the help page

  1. From the Manage Help Pages page, click edit for the page page you want to change.

  2. Update/enter values and or include media files as needed.

  3. Click save.

Deleting a help page

Please contact Stanford Web Services to request to have your Help page removed.

Stanford help pages include

Title The help page title.
Body The help page content.
Image Insert Upload a png, gif, jpg or jpeg file to the site and insert this into the body content area.
File An optional way to upload file attachments associated with this help page.