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This guide provides instructions and information about Stanford Web Services Jumpstart platform, based on Drupal 7.

We've released our new Stanford Sites on Drupal 8 (D8) platform — the new framework for Stanford Sites in 2020 and beyond. Check out our new User Guide to help you set up your website on the D8 platform. 

Read more about our road to D8 

Add a Featured Image

Courtyard and Church

The Round Room in the back of Memorial Church.

Optional credits.

All of your pages have the option of adding a single-featured image to the top-right corner of your content. The image is automatically scaled to fit in that area and includes optional caption and credits.

Note: Stanford Sites Jumpstart sites come with up to 100 MB of file storage.  If you need more, you can submit a request to Stanford Web Services.

Uploading a featured image

  1. In Featured Image field, click Add/Edit Image.
  2. Click Choose File and select a file from your computer. Once you've chosen the file, click Open.
  3. Click Upload.
  4. Add Alternate text. (Alternate text is displayed when the image cannot be viewed; this is required to meet Stanford's accessibility standards for people with disabilities.)
  5. Add credit information that will display beneath the image. (optional)
  6. Add source information for your records. (optional)
  7. Add a caption that will display beneath the image. (optional)
  8. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

When to choose a featured image vs. inserting an image

Featured Image Inserted Image
  • single image
  • placed in top right corner
  • automatically scaled
  • border style
  • optional caption text
  • single or multiple images
  • option to place image to the right or left
  • option to place the image lower in the page
  • choice of image styles
  • no border style
  • optional caption text

Preparing your images for the web

Want to know more about how to crop or prepare images for the web? View our blog post: Imagery 101: Preparing your image for the web.