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This guide provides instructions and information about Stanford Web Services Jumpstart platform, based on Drupal 7.

We've released our new Stanford Sites on Drupal 8 (D8) platform — the new framework for Stanford Sites in 2020 and beyond. Check out our new User Guide to help you set up your website on the D8 platform. 

Read more about our road to D8 

Add basic styles and formatting

Using text formatting is a great way to organize your thoughts and make content more readable. 

  1. Type content into the WYSIWYG editor without adding any styles.
  2. Select only the content you would like to format. Tip: Do not triple click to select the full line or the styles will wrap to the next line as well.
  3. Click the buttons in the toolbar for the format you want to apply, such as bold, italic, bulleted list, or numbered list.  format styles
  4. To format a heading, click the Paragraph Format arrow and select Heading 2, Heading 3, or Heading 4.

header styles